#PitcherChallenge, ALS IceBucketChallenge

Humorous Pinoy has its own version of the international trend ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; the ‪Pitcher Challenge. This is now spreading over the internet, particularly in different social media sites after luckymanzano posted a video to his Instagram account of two friends doing the spoof for #ALS IceBucketChallenge, now ‎Pitcher Challenge. It has earned over 7877 likes in just 24 hours likewise it has also shared 17,938 times and counting over Facebook and now scattered in different social media sharing sites. According to them it is their answer to the now popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taken by many local and famous people around the world.

The joke is very easy to do as the participants here will just sustain one or more number of people to assist him, then a pitcher full of water will powerfully splatters into the face of a participant by his assistants while the other rolling the camera to record a video for upload to social media.

Pinoy still not really missing its creativity by mixing humor to anything that they observed and can still add on unique twist to a viral event like this. Probably, many will follow to do the same specially that Pinoy are fond of creating mimicry and uploading funny videos over the internet. Likely this would be too a viral episode over the internet and will last long.

If you too guys, wanted to imitate the challenge, do it in an area where you can be viewed by many of your friends and neighbors to witness the fun of ‎Pitcher Challenge.

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