Perhaps the most popular bread in the Philippines is Pandesal. It is the favorite bread served at breakfast of every Filipino because it can be eaten with different fillings, such as peanut butter, margarine, butter, ham, eggs, cheese, and jam and so on. Some loves to eat pandesal plainly and dipping it in hot coffee, adults and kids are doing this unique Filipino trait (Tatak Pinoy).

Philippine pandesal
A plate of hot Pandesal is part of traditional Filipino breakfast

Pandesal are small bread rolls that are brownies and soft inside. In every corner of the Philippines you can find a bakeries that sells pandesal in the neighborhood. There’s also a bicycle riding vendors that peddled pandesal habitually in the morning; vendors carry their pandesal in a Styrofoam Box container to keep the pandesal fresh and warm. Peddlers announced their trade through horn sounds, a tool similar to the Puto and Kutsinta vendors.

Philippine pandesal
Some prefer to dunk Pandesal in hot coffee in their morning

Currently, many large bakeshop sprouted in the Philippines where you can already buy and enjoy the favorite pandesal not just in the morning but also anytime of the day, 24 hours. Other bakers were also doing and sell Malunggay flavored pandesal to exploit the health benefits of malunggay leaves specially those who can’t take the malunggay leaves vegetables.

Customers queuing in front of a bakery shop early in the morning to buy pandesal
pandesal vendor
A vendor peddled pandesal riding a bicycle

How about you, do you enjoy pandesal too?

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