In his social media post last July 5, 2017, celebrity host and TV anchor Paolo Bediones revealed that he has a secret, he admits suffering from psoriasis and he has been keeping his condition a secret "for more than half of my life."

"I HAVE PSORIASIS. Don’t worry it’s a non communicable skin disorder. It is NOT CONTAGIOUS. It’s a painful, chronic disease characterized by incessant itching and scratching. Occasional bleeding and scabbing. Reddening of the skin and flaking. It's not pretty for sure, but I have been hiding it well."

The TV host also told the public to show their support for patients sufferings from psoriasis and encourage them to consult a medical specialist and seek treatment.

"If you, a family member, or a friend share these symptoms, look up Psor Phil and please see a specialist and learn about the various forms of treatment that exists."

It gains a lot of reactions from his followers some expressed admiration and support for his revelation.

Psoriasis Paolo Bediones
Credit to Paolo Barba Bediones FB 

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