Just like a Jeepney, Filipino Tricycle (traysikel) also has colorful designs and different funny tag line. In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the use of the tricycle is regulated by the Local Government or City where it is subject to restrictions in areas where only a tricycle can be traveled. Often the tricycle has a color coding of each place where only authorized to use it or trip. The Tricycle is a cheaper alternative to a Taxicab especially if the route destination is close to its terminal and the fee depends on the distance of places to go.

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A customized sidecar of a tricycle used as a purified water delivery service.

Compared to the Jeepney route which is farther and can accommodate plenty of passengers and offer a cheaper fare, the fare on tricycles are slightly higher if hired on special trip. On a regular route the fare is counted on a per passenger scheme on a shared trip. A single tricycle can accommodate a 2 to 4 passenger per trip or depending on the designed of the tricycle sidecar and regulations of TODA.

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A Tricycle roaming the C. M. Recto Street in Divisoria to transport passenger.

In other parts of the Philippines, except for use in public transportation, it is also sometimes used as a Private Utility Service Vehicles such as school service, a business transport service such as gas and mineral water delivery. The tricycle is forbidden in national highways. In the provinces sometimes the regulators are lenient on implementing traffic rules on highways with regard to tricycle unlike in the more urbanized city wherein the tricycle are confined only to the inner subdivisions and streets where they allowed to ferry passengers and utilized for business.

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The tricycle drivers queuing for passengers on a TODA terminal at Bacoor Cavite.

Sometimes its roaring noise is annoying and loud because of the poor engine maintenance and modification made to its muffler. It is also causing the heavy build up of traffic in areas such as a provincial town proper and public market.

The proliferation of tricycle contributed a substantial amount of air pollution in every city; old folks until now are using the old and phased out two stroke engine with much higher levels of pollution emitted.
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A customized sidecar to carbonated drinks delivery service

The simplicity of Filipino tricycle designed can be deceiving, because undisciplined drivers violate traffic laws by counter flowing, disregarding traffic lights and reckless driving. Sometimes you might experience the roller coaster like ride! So, every local government is implementing stricter regulations on each TODA route. Each tricycle terminal is operated by the Association of Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association or TODA.

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A tricycle that runs on the road quickly in Muntinlupa City

No matter how the Filipino tricycle perceived as dangerous or positively productive to the lives of every Filipino day to day living. One thing is certain that Filipino tricycle is a proud Filipino brand a truly Tatak Pinoy.

If you are a guest a guest in our country, includes the “Filipino Tricycle Ride” to your bucket list or "a must do to the Philippines list". Experience the Filipino pride. Distinctively Filipino!

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